Upneeq® is the only FDA-approved once-daily prescription eye drop for acquired ptosis (low-lying lids) that lifts your upper eyelids to open your eyes
Are low-lying eyelids making your eyes look a little tired?

You may have acquired ptosis

Can you recognize acquired ptosis (low-lying lids)?



What can Upneeq® do for you?

Lifts eyelid(s) quickly

Significantly improves upper field of vision

Upneeq® is also safe and well-tolerated

Examples of positive results after the first dose of Upneeq®

Actual patient images courtesy of Dr. Robert Schwarcz and Dr. Raymond Douglas. Individual results may vary. The average lift seen in clinical trials was 1 mm.
What warnings and precautions are associated with Upneeq®?
Patients with reduced blood flow to the brain or heart, or patients who experience eye or mouth dryness due to an immune system disorder (Sjögren’s syndrome), should use care when taking Upneeq. Call your doctor immediately if you feel your symptoms may be getting worse.

Upneeq may increase the risk of eye pressure due to fluid buildup (angle-closure glaucoma) in patients with untreated narrow-angle glaucoma. Call your doctor immediately if you feel increased pressure in your eye after using Upneeq.

Do not let the tip of the Upneeq vial touch your eye or any other surface. This can help prevent eye injury or contamination. Each Upneeq vial is for one-time use and should be discarded after being used.
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