Skin Lesion Removal
Skin tags are the fleshy little bumps that are just annoying as can be. Skin tags can rub against clothing or get caught on jewelry and then they can get really irritated and inflamed. Some people’s skin tags may even bleed. Skin tags often form in areas of friction. They appear around the neck, under the arms, on our thighs, and even around the eyelids.
We use the blend method to eliminate skin lesions commonly called “broken capillaries” and “spider veins”. The medical name for these vessels is telangiectasia. Telangiectasia are small, permanently enlarged capillaries that lie in the upper dermis. We only treat the face and chest area. Telangiectases are commonly found on the nose, cheeks, lips and “V” of the neck and chest. Dilated capillaries of the upper, or superficial dermis are dysfunctional. They carry blood but are too large to nourish the skin cells effectively. When telangiectased are removed, new normal-size capillaries regrow to efficiently feed the skin.
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