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Skin Rejuvenation with MDF (Multi-depth Focusing) Handpiece
The MDF handpiece used with the Q-NDY laser in the Spectra Laser is designed to improve the appearance of irregularities in your skin’s texture and help with skin rejuvenation. It can treat patients with enlarged pores and acne scars. This multi-depth fractional focusing handpiece has been developed for a new generation of Q-NDY lasers and allows providers to change both the diameter of the treatment area and the depth of focus of the microbeams into the tissue. The technique of focusing the microbeams into the target tissue has been associated with the creation of thermally-initiated laser-induced optical breakdowns (Ti-LIOBs) in tissue. This has been proven to induce collagenesis and elastogenesis in the target tissue followed by remodeling to give good skin rejuvenation.
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