KeraLase Hair Restoration
Keralase is a new treatment for hair loss combining laser technology with a proprietary scalp hair growth serum. Patients with pattern hair loss and other causes of hair thinning who are seeking a nonsurgical treatment solution for their condition will benefit from this combination treatment. Scalp hair is parted and the laser energy is focused onto the scalp surface creating a new drug-delivery system into the mid to deep dermis of the skin. Immediately afterwards a powerful blend of biosimilar growth factors and proteins (Kerafactor Serum) are massaged into the scalp to stimulate stronger, smoother thicker and fuller looking hair. The microchannels have been shown to create 5 times higher absorption of the nanoliposomes which transport the active ingredients in Kerafactor Serum. This product specifically supports scalp health increases blood supply and helps to transition resting miniaturized hairs into the actively growing phase of hair growth for optimal results.
How Does The Keralase Hair Restoration Work?
The process entails utilizing a specially designed laser known as KeraLase® to generate minuscule ‘microchannels’ in the scalp. These microchannels enhance the absorption of compounds. Subsequently, KeraFactor® is introduced into these microchannels, stimulating enhanced functionality of the hair follicles, leading to the growth of hair.

The KeraFactor® formula delivers essential nutrients to the hair follicles and enhances scalp circulation, resulting in the development of natural and healthy-looking hair. KeraFactor® represents a unique blend of seven concentrated bio-identical growth factors and skin proteins designed for scalp rejuvenation. This groundbreaking technology, protected by a pending patent, is the outcome of six years of extensive research aimed at addressing issues related to thinning hair. The growth factors are encased in nano-liposome structures for increased absorption by the hair follicles, which are typically deficient in the scalp skin during periods of hair loss or compromised hair health. When used alongside the Keralase® treatment, the absorption rate increases by 5-7 times.

No other commercially available topical product offers the complete array of growth factors, nor do they contain the significantly higher concentrations of each growth factor found in the KeraFactor® formula.

Even transplanted hair stands to benefit from the absorption of KeraFactor® growth factors and proteins that support follicular health, much like the existing hair follicles.

Before - After

Post Treatment: 6 Tx

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
You can expect minimal discomfort. The laser operates at an energy level low enough to create microchannels for product absorption, causing a warm feel that fades within an hour or two after your session.
KeraLase treatments are quick and convenient—most sessions wrap up in 30 minutes or less!
A typical KeraLase course consists of 6 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.
KeraLase requires no downtime! Simply avoid direct sunlight and refrain from washing your hair for 24 hours after treatment.
Most patients witness significant improvements after their first 2-3 treatments. Improvement will continue over the next 6-9 months after completing the six-session regimen**. **Your doctor may recommend maintenance therapies.
KeraLase™ is ideal for patients with Androgenetic Alopecia, Telogen Effluvium, or certain scalp conditions. Whether you are dealing with thinning hair, post-childbirth hair loss, stress-induced hair issues, or a physician-managed thyroid imbalance, KeraLase may be your solution for fuller, healthier hair.
KeraLase™ is not advised for patients with skin cancer on the scalp, active scalp infections, or those allergic to KeraFactorMD products. KeraLase™ is not effective for persistent bald spots, alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing, Lichen Plano Pilaris, Trichotillomania, or scarring alopecia.
Yes! KeraLase is safe for all skin types.
Unlike PRP’s hour-long, variable efficacy sessions, KeraLase leverages a serum rich in eight targeted growth factors to stimulate hair growth, entirely sidestepping the uncertainties and potential inhibitors found in PRP treatments.
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