Total Skin Solutions
What is Total Skin Solutions?

Revitalize your skin with TotalSkin Solution, a groundbreaking treatment that combines Genius RF Microneedling and the Ultra 1927 Thulium Laser to improve wrinkles, sun spots, laxity, and pigmented lesions. Used together, this powerful duo also treats stretch marks and acne scars, offering you immediate, long-lasting results.

What Results Will I See?*
How Does The Total Skin Solution Work?
There’s an analogy that the Genius “Fluffs The Pillow” and LaseMD Ultra “Irons the Pillowcase. This is because Genius has proved it adds volume to the face with the creation of collagen and elastin and Ultra polishes and brightens the skin.  We use these two devices together because not only does it deliver better results than doing either one alone, it also speeds up the recovery process.

It is the ultimate treatment because, depending on the area, we treat the skin at three to four different depths. The more energy delivered to the skin always delivers better results.

The end result? Beautifully radiant, smooth, and younger-looking skin!
What is the LaseMD Ultra?
Lutronic ULTRA™ rebuilds glowing, even toned healthy skin through non-ablative fractionated treatments. The ULTRA fractionated laser resurfacing uses laser light to treat a portion of the skin’s surface, leaving bridges of untouched healthy skin to speed up recovery. The Ultra polishes and brightens the surface of your skin.

The Ultra 1927 Thulium is one of the best wavelengths to treat brown spots, melasma, sunspots, & wrinkles. This laser is the most powerful Thulium laser available today. It is 20 times more powerful than Clear and Brilliant and ten years newer than Fraxel Dual and three times faster. The Ultra Laser also has more options to ‘spot treat’ more stubborn areas of pigment.
Not all RF Microneedling Devices are the Same
Genius is the only RF Microneedling device on the market that provides “real-time” feedback that the energy delivered is precise for each patient, each treatment, and each pass with the microneedles. In addition, Genius’s quality of needles is far superior to the competition.

Many consumers think all technology has the same effectiveness. For example, all Photofacial devices give the same results, or all RF Microneedling Devices are the same. However, this is false. Testing of devices side by side has proven this many times. The device’s efficacy depends on multiple factors, which include the power of the motor, the ability to read impedance (resistance) in the skin and adjust, the quality and size of needles, and whether the settings chosen are what are being delivered by the device.

We have chosen to invest in quality devices and quality companies.  Lutronic is one of the few companies that still houses internal R&D with 110 people, including 16 Ph.D. and 6 MDs. They own over 500 intellectual properties and have over 300 peer-reviewed studies. Even more impressive, they are the only Device company with a Pathology Lab onsite.  This allows them to test quickly, see results and adjust.  It also allows them to see how their devices stack up to the competition.

them to test their results and test competitor devices. They can see the results quickly and adjust. They also use this information to show their devices’ and competitors’ efficacy.

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Post Treatment: 1 Tx

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes! Anyone can benefit from TotalSkin Solution’s anti-aging effects!

Yes, TotalSkin Solution can help all ages and skin types!


Although a standard course includes 3 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart, your physician will personalize your treatment plan to achieve the results you desire.


Downtime is very minimal. You can resume your daily routine right after treatment. Any initial redness or swelling will usually diminish within 24-48 hours. Your skin may feel sandpaper-like as it heals, but should resolve within 2-3 days, leaving your skin looking brighter and feeling smoother.
While you’ll see noticeable improvement in just days, your body continues to build collagen for weeks, creating visible results over the next 3-6 months.

Yes! Even those with darker complexions can safely experience TotalSkin Solution’s rejuvenating effects.

Though the face, neck, and chest (décolletage) are the most commonly targeted areas, TotalSkin Solution can treat nearly any part of your body.
Expect to feel some heat and pressure during your session. Your physician will work with you to maximize your comfort throughout the procedure.
Most treatments take 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the specific area being addressed.
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