Blog & Videos by Staff at MarSha MedSpa

Our Medical Spa team regularly shares educational blogs and videos on our social media platforms for the benefit of our followers. Below are some excerpts: 

NuEra Body Contouring & Skin Tightening

NuEra Body Contouring & Skin Tightening treatments have shown fantastic results among all skin types. This FDA-approved, all-season, no-downtime treatment does not leave any divets or marks common among other body contouring treatments. All RF packages are 30% OFF currently!! Call 919-747-9733 to book a consultation!


Botox is FDA approved for the glabellar area (frown lines). In this video, we show the exact muscle area to be injected. An experienced injector will assess, cleanse, numb (if needed) and inject. It takes up to 14 days to see optimal results. At $10.99/unit, MarSha MedSpa offers the most competitive rates in the Triangle area. We are also the fastest-growing Allergan account in the region and accept Allē points! Book a consultation with our medical provider at 919-747-9733.

NuEra Tight

MarSha MedSpa is the only medspa in the Triangle to offer Radio Frequency by NuEra Tight. This non ablative RF device offers frequencies ranging from 470Khz- 6MHz to address tightening of skin around eyes, neck, jawline, decollete as well as fat reduction and body contouring around stomach, buttocks, flanks, legs, upper arms. It also addresses sciatica pain and muscle spasms. These treatments are extremely comfortable, often compared to a hot stone massage. We recommend a series of 5 treatments spaced out by 1-3 weeks to see lasting results.  

NuEra Tight by Lumenis

MarSha MedSpa es el único medspa en el Triángulo que ofrece radiofrecuencia de NuEra Tight. Este dispositivo RF no ablativo ofrece frecuencias que van desde 470Khz a 6MHz para tratar el estiramiento de la piel alrededor de los ojos, el cuello, la mandíbula, el escote, así como la reducción de grasa y el contorno corporal alrededor del estómago, las nalgas, los flancos, las piernas y la parte superior de los brazos. También trata el dolor de ciática y los espasmos musculares. Estos tratamientos son extremadamente cómodos, a menudo comparados con un masaje con piedras calientes. Recomendamos una serie de 5 tratamientos espaciados entre 1 y 3 semanas para ver resultados duraderos.

B12 Injections

These injections help replenish B12 levels. Low B12 levels lead to lethargy, weight gain and disturbed sleep patterns. With B12 shots, clients have seen improved metabolism, higher concentration and energy levels as well as improved sleep patterns. In alot of cases, clients have also noticed reduced hair fall.

ANS Test

The Autonomous Nervous System Test is an FDA approved test to diagnose dysfunction of Autonmous Nervous System and Endolthelial System. It helps in early detection of diseases such as hypertension, neuropathy, diabetes, etc. This is a 20 minute in office test followed by a provider visit.

Medical Weight Loss Program

This is a 12 week provider assisted weight loss program customized to client needs based on comprehensive labs and other in office tests. Clients have seen great results in just a few weeks. In this program, clients get visits with provider every two weeks to monitor progress.

PRP vs Fillers

In this video, our provider explains the difference between fillers and PRP. PRP results in natural collagen boost in skin and leads to long lasting tissue repair. For under eye area, depending upon existing volume loss, clients may need 1-3 injections spaced out by 8 weeks. Other than temporary injection site bruising, there is no chance of adverse reaction since this treatment utilizes platelets from client’s own blood.