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Back Pain Therapy
NuEra Tight is an FDA-cleared, temperature-controlled radiofrequency system. It emits powerful RF waves at 470kHz with high 250W power, to heat and target muscle tissue at a deep level. By using the precise frequency and depth of heat, NuEra can treat chronic pain.
During treatment, our providers will review your medical history and discuss the areas of your pain. Back pain can be associated with different trigger points and our medical provider will consult with patients before the treatment.
The treatment itself consists of gel being placed on the area needing improvement, and then a warm metal plate being slowly rubbed over it. The treatment is relaxing and comfortable. The treatment works with one resistive bipolar handpiece and two unipolar handpieces with Coated Capacitive Energy Transfer (CCET) electrodes in a wide variety of capacitor head sizes – from small to very large.
The speed and ease of treatment is unparalleled. There are no hot spots or spikes in temperature, making the patient experience very comfortable.

Clients will notice improvement after a series of treatments. We recommend 6-8 treatment sessions spaced out by 2 weeks. The average patient requires 6 treatments every 1 or 2 weeks apart.
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