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Botox Cosmetic
How does Botox work?
Botox is the first and only FDA approved neurotoxin to temporarily paralyze muscles that make frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead wrinkles in adults. Botox works beneath the skin surface, and temporarily reduces muscle activity helping smooth out lines and wrinkles. Botox is backed by over 16 years of published studies. The highest industry safety standards of its manufacturing process and resulting potency, make Botox an industry leader of neurotoxins. Botox injections are a well researched treatment option for people with hyperhidrosis. You may be a candidate for Botox if your sweating fails to improve with prescription antiperspirants. Botox has been FDA-approved for people who sweat excessively from their armpits. It may also be used “off-label” to reduce sweating in other areas, such as the hands, feet, and face.
Understanding BOTOX® Cosmetic:
It is a quick treatment and results are noticeable within a week. Botox results will last for up to 4 months. Due to predictable and consistent results, clients often make this a part of their routine aesthetics treatment.
What causes facial lines/wrinkles:
What is BOTOX®?
What areas can be treated by Botox?
How long does Botox Cosmetic® last?
What to expect with Botox Cosmetic® injections?
Injections may feel like a pinch. Patients typically see a noticeable smoothing of frown and forehead lines within 48 hours. The risk of side effects is low. Some temporary side effects include:
At MarSha MedSpa, our medical director, Dr. Shaikh conducts or directly supervises all Botox injections.
Botox Cosmetic is not covered by insurance. At MarSha MedSpa, the patient is responsible for Botox injection charges.
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