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ANS / ABI Diagnostic Test

ANS controls involuntary biological functions such as beating of heart, widening and constriction of blood vessels (endothelial system), respiration and digestion. This test measures how well the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems are working together. They provide a more comprehensive view of patients’ health as compared to individual biomarkers.
Dysregulation of ANS can reflect underlying diseases. Lack of coordination between sympathetic and parasympathetic branches, as well as imbalance or excess of either, can drive numerous perplexing symptoms and can represent significant health risks.

ANS test makes the invisible visible and enables providers to focus attention on what might underlie disabling symptoms. It can help identify optimal therapies for people with multiple conditions including:

During this 15 minute assessment, specialized monitoring technology with a blood pressure cuff, electrodes, pulse oximeter and temperature sensor measures average heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and body temperature with patient at rest and in various states of physiological stress, and while breathing deeply, performing a heart straining breath technique called Valsalva maneuver and standing for five minutes. The system then uses an algorithm to calculate sympathetic and parasympathetic activity, which the practitioner interprets. This diagnostic test is expected to become a part of the annual exam.

ANS test is a part of the Medical Weight Loss program

This test can be requested as a standalone test to gather a comprehensive assessment of underlying state of the body. The ANS test is a part of the Medical Weight Loss program at MarSha MedSpa. As part of wellness, this test can also measure Body Composition Analysis including:

Based on this, it can indicate target weight and come up with recommended caloric intake and exercise levels.

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