Laser Hair Removal

Lutronic Clarity II multi-platform technology offers several advantages over other devices.

Clarity II is FDA-approved for use on the face, neck, and body. Most skin concerns require a series of treatments, and the specialist will adjust the multi-platform laser to address different issues during each session. The providers will explain the recovery, the anticipated results, and a possible post-treatment skincare regimen. After each treatment, the patient must protect their skin to ensure long-lasting results. Click here for Laser Hair Removal on Scalp.

The many benefits of this innovative and outstanding treatment include:

Safe for nearly every skin type:

Safe for nearly every skin type, ranging from light to dark: Clarity II operates using two wavelengths and is presently one of the few lasers that is considered safe for dark skin, and Asian skin as well. Most other laser treatments use only one wavelength, which can affect the skin cells and poses a risk of skin discoloration.

Treats the full spectrum of hair colors:

The Clarity II laser provides superior adjustability and control, which protects the surrounding skin during hair removal. It is the first laser treatment approved for dark or black hair on dark skin. Clarity II can treat hair that is darker than the surrounding skin.

Comfortable treatment:

Clarity II offers less discomfort than other alternatives. The system has two cooling methods, instead of one. A traditional air-cooling feature, plus a built-in cryogenic spray instantly cools the treated skin.

Relatively quick:

Each treatment ranges from around 15 minutes to one hour, depending on the patient’s goals. The adjustable device enables the aesthetic specialist to instantly adjust the diameter of the laser to remove hair on larger areas like the chest, back, and legs using fewer laser passes.

Fewer laser treatments required:

When compared with other laser treatments, Clarity II provides quicker results. Many patients are satisfied with their hair removal results after three to four sessions, rather than ten or more using older lasers.

Lutronic Clarity II dual-wavelength laser treatments

Lutronic Clarity II dual-wavelength laser treatments are performed at MarSha MedSpa in a comfortable treatment room. The treatment will always be start with an initial consultation with a Medical Provider. On the day of treatment, patients should arrive with clean skin, their hair shaved, wearing comfortable clothing. Anesthesia is not needed because the Clarity II laser treatment uses an advanced cooling system that reduces discomfort.

The length of the treatment varies depending on the areas being serviced. The patient will wear goggles to protect their eyes. When the laser is activated, a slight stinging sensation may be experienced, which most patients describe as mild.

The provider will adjust the high-speed laser, which combines two wavelengths (755/1064nm). The specialist customizes the treatment by switching wavelengths, spot size, and intensity to achieve maximum results while protecting the skin.

During laser hair removal, the multi-treatment procedure disrupts the natural growth cycle and destroys the hair follicle. A slight charring of hair stubble and the odor of singed hair is common. The built-in cooling mechanism instantly dissipates the heat and protects the patient’s skin.

Pricing on LHR is based areas treated and is determined on consultation. Typically offices charge for 7-9 sessions per package. We are confident on the results of our laser treatments and thus, for the convenience of our clients, are able to offer packages of 5 treatments with one free touch up. Please inquire at 919-747-9733.
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