Our Story
MarSha MedSpa is a branch of Shaikh Medical Clinic.

Since 2000, the clinic has focused on building community relationships through primary care services. While internal health issues are intrinsic to physical wellbeing, external appearance is equally important to mental wellbeing. Patients often questioned about medical esthetics procedures done elsewhere, expressing concerns about the inability to handle possible contraindications without the presence of an onsite medical provider.

With these concerns in mind, Shaikh Medical ventured into the medical spa space and its subsidiary, MarSha Medspa, was born! With solid medical education and exceptional patient service experience, our providers are well versed in anatomical knowledge and aim to administer skin care treatments with highest safety standards while continuing to foster community relationships that are essential to our growth.
Our Mission
To provide customized aesthetics services based on proven scientific research while displaying empathy and respect. We take pride in providing highest level of treatment with a medical provider always on site, prioritizing patient safety, comfort, and confidentiality.
Our Vision
We are committed to providing highest quality medical aesthetics services in a safe environment, creating highest standards of professionalism vital to medical aesthetics industry.
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