Booster Treatments
Skin boosters are injectables that improve skin texture, elasticity, hydration and overall appearance. Skin booster treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid which is a soft, gel-like substance under the skin, which improves the skin’s elasticity, firmness and radiance giving an overall GLOW. Skin boosters are often called skin quality as they improve and enhance the overall quality and health of the skin.
Skin Boosters increase the levels of hydration in the skin and stimulate the production of collagen, improving fine lines and wrinkles, producing firmer and younger looking skin. Another key benefit of skin boosters is that they are particularly good at improving hydration and can be used to treat many different skin areas and skin types. Most common areas are the face followed by the neck, chest and the hands. In contrast to fillers, Skin Boosters help improve collagen and elastin.
IV therapy is a safe treatment option for most clients wanting hydration boost, immunity defense, or inner beauty boost. MarSha MedSpa also offers B12 shots.
Our vitamin and mineral booster treatments give you a concentrated mix of essential nutrients that’s safe and scientifically proven to aid in well-being and far more effectively absorbed than vitamins taken in pill or effervescent form. Whether it’s a boost to your immune system or your energy levels that you need, a means to brighten your skin, improve its texture, or even out imperfections, choose one of our vitamin and mineral booster treatments today.
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