Restylane Refyne for Smokers Lines
Vertical lines above lips (often referred to as smokers lines) can appear for a variety of reasons including smoking, exposure to UV rays, poor diet, or normal aging. Due to the associated breakdown of collagen/elastin proteins, the skin is left with less support to defend against wrinkles. At MarSha MedSpa, our providers can use FDA approved fillers to smooth out skin above lips and diminish smokers lines. Call 919-747-9733 to book a consultation.

Indus Hospital Fundraiser

Indus Hospital Fundraiser Indus Hospital Network is a non-profit organization comprising a nationwide healthcare network of primary, secondary, and tertiary healthcare facilities across Pakistan. It

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Laser Open House

Laser Open House In the course of this month, we had the pleasure of hosting our very first Laser Open House, an event filled with

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Sculptra Facial aging is caused by volume loss. Sculptra is the only FDA-approved poly L-lactic acid injectable treatment to stimulate the growth of skin’s own

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